Fall 2016 Basic Workshop

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Basic Digital Photography 
The series consists of two workshops on successive Saturdays. Total cost for both workshops is $125 per person. 

Location: Gallery Main Street, Downtown Tyler
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Date: October 15 & 22, 2016
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Fee: $125 per person

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Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled by Hounds of Light. Full refund with attendee notification of HOL by email no later than October 10 , 2016.

2016 Basic Digital Photography Series

This series of two workshops covers everything from an introduction into digital photography to important camera settings, and how to start taking a good picture no matter what your subject.

These classes are for you if you just acquired your first digital camera, have owned one for a while and are disappointed in your results, or want to move beyond auto functions and snap-shots or just want to refresh your skills.

You'll learn how to start controlling light, color, and atmosphere while learning the controls of your camera. Yes, you and your camera will finally become friends! The series is designed to move you, step-by-step from fundamental principals to being able to take control of your camera’s various modes and settings (especially manual mode) – creating the image you want rather than accepting whatever the camera makes.

Basic concepts in creative composition are presented providing a foundation for creating more interesting and powerful images. The material is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner.
Class size is limited to allow individualized hands-on instruction with you and your camera.  We will show you the settings and how to use them – on your camera – hands-on.

Constructive and friendly image-sharing sessions will provide valuable insight on ways you can improve your pictures.

Required: A DSLR or other digital camera with manual mode. The main thing is that your camera has a setting: Manual Shooting Mode or something with a similar name.
Most cameras have this.

If you have questions about your camera, use the contact form on the sidebar to ask us.

Previous Attendees: We've reorganized the material and divided it into smaller segments. You're invited to attend some or all of these workshops.

Class Descriptions

Basic Digital Photography I
Saturday, October 15: (Gallery 10-4)
How a digital camera works. Key camera settings, what they do and how to use them. Basic terms and concepts including: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance. Basics of light meters, exposure modes, achieving proper exposure under all conditions. Equivalent exposures: How to obtain the same exposure using different settings to allow creative photography. Instructor-guided hands on exercises with your camera to learn these concepts and skills.
Creative application of these skills. How the exposure choice you make affects the photograph you take. Depth of field, subject and background motion and blur. 
Required: A DSLR or point-and-shoot digital camera with a manual mode setting. The main thing is your camera has a setting: Manual Shooting Mode or something similar. If you have questions on this, please ask us, using the contact form on the right sidebar.

Basic Digital Photography II
Saturday, October 22: (Gallery 10-4)
Applying these choices in specific cases. The use of camera shooting modes. Hands-on exercises to learn these techniques. Concepts of basic composition. Instructor-guided exercises with personal instruction.
Prerequisite: Camera as described above; Basic Digital Photography I or an understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings: how they interact for achieving exposure.